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Latest News:

02-25-2008, It has been awhile since I made an update to the site. Added GT3071R compressor map and z32 engine flow plot for that turbo.
05-03-2006, completed the haltech setup, wiring and tuning section.
08-18-2005, the temp ECU forum is up. Hopefully we can have the original forum back up soon.
08-17-2005, the ecu forum is currently down. I'll post updates when it becomes available. Sorry for the inconvenience.
07-26-2005, base map for Haltech E11v2 added to ECU download page.
06-20-2005, more pictures added the project area.
07-12-2004, added compressor map and size info on GT28RS (JWT700BB).
07-06-2004, finished Haltech E11 harness. It's now ready to plug into the Z engine.
01-05-2004, added some fun pictures in my Z project area.
11-14-2003, if you click on the forum, you will find a new UBB style board. Don't get freaked out. Thanks to Jon Nierenburg who graciously offer to host this forum. I thought DNS switch over would have taken a day or two to take affect. Didn't think it switched over this quick. The new forum has much better appearance, no pop-up's, better organization, much more functionalities and better threads retention. So go over there, login and register.
06-16-2003, GT30R (GT3076R) compressor map and info added.
01-23-2003, added turbo selection area.
06-04-2002, turbo compressor maps added.
12-22-2000, turbo intro and size comparision added.


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