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Methanol, Ethanol and Water/Alcohol Injection

In this page, lets disguss the use of Methanol, Ethanol as alternative fuel.
What're Methanol and Ethanol?
  • Methanol (CH 3 OH) is an alcohol fuel. Produced by a process using natural gas as a feedstock. The alternative methanol fuel can be used today in vehicles as M-85.
  • Ethanol (ethyl alcohol, grain alcohol, CH3CH2OH) is a grain alcohol. Sold in hardware store as 'De-natured' alcohol. Not drinkable. :)
Why using Methanol/Ethanol on a turbo charged car?
  • Alcohol ups octane.
  • Injecting Methanol/Ethanol at the beginning of the turbo/intercooler system provides the added intercooling effect. Alcohol has much higher vaporize rate than water and it will not turn back into liquid.
  • Better than water because alcohol is a fuel, it burns and releases energy that translates into additional power.
  • Better than Nitrous Oxide because it burns much COOLER and SLOWER. That translates into two major advantages:
    • Lower EGT to be able to run high boost and high compression.
    • Ability to run more timing because the slow burning alcohol unlike running fast burning NOS, you have to retard timing.

Air/Fuel ratio of running Methanol/Ethanol
  • gasoline has 14.7:1 stoich point
  • Methanol/Ethanol has 6.5:1. That means the fuel system will have to be doubled up in size to run equivalent of gas A/F ratio.
  • For example, if you're running 555cc injectors, if you make all necessary changes in the fuel system, you will also have to change to over 1000cc injectors.


Precaution/things to watch out for while running Methanol/Ethanol.

  • Alcohol corrodes aluminium parts. Also, Methanol absorbs moisture in the air and turn into yellowish green gel that can clog up. It's recommended to flash out the system with gasoline or mineral spirit
  • It's ideal to mount the alcohol injection further up in the turbo/intercooler path. Some even mount the injector/nozzle before the turbo compressor housing. Some have been running for many years with no problems. Do so at your own risk.
  • With using of blow off valves, when TB closes, the air with alcohol mixture can be possibly vented in to the hot engine bay. When using a fast acting solenoid to open/close the spray, it had not been any issues.
DIY Water/Alcohol Injection kit.
Under construction...

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